Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spanish names

A few weeks ago, one of the children asked me what would his name be in Spanish. Well, his name is Tyler :)
I don't really like to translate names but the kids always ask for it so; I translate the ones that have a direct translation firs like: John, Dominick, , etc. Then, I try to find a Spanish name that starts with the same letter of the child name. Here's an example: Dylan=Dionisio; Amira=Amaranta; Ari=Ariel. You get the idea, as for Tyler? I picked Tadeo :)
I usually make note cards with the children name and Spanish name and tape them around the classroom. Some children are happy just to have the note card there, others ask me to call them by their Spanish name every class!
Here is a link for boys names and girls names.


For a review of shapes I draw a snowman on a poster board (found at the dollar store) and used foam shapes as the buttons in different colors. I had the children pick out a shape, tell me shape and color in Spanish and then placed it on the snowman. After they placed all the buttons they could fit they count them in Spanish. Then I asked them: how many circulos? How many triangulos?, etc. Also asked them: how many ovalos amarillos?
I made small snowmans and left some foam shapes for the kids to make their own.
Here's the snowman I made:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Free Christmas Spanish Song book!!!

Just for a week I am giving away my Cancionero Navideno (sorry, no enies), it has 15 traditional songs in Spanish with an English translation.
I also have free mp3's of some of the songs, click here.

Hope you enjoy them!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day of the dead

In honor of the Day of the Dead we colored paper skulls, you can print your own skull! Every time the kids switch crayons they had to say the color they wanted in Spanish, when they were done coloring, they told the class all the colors they used.

Parts of the face

This week we studied the parts of the face: ojos, nariz, boca, orejas & cabello. I used a face drawing that I made that has removable parts. Then I used Mr. Potato head to practice vocabulary. I have 4 heads so, each kid was able to get their own! After, we used plates (leftover from a party) to draw a face, then I wrote the name of the parts. Here are some pictures!

Sunday, October 30, 2011